Pet Guardianship

Pet Guardianship

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Wills & Estates

Your pets are a big part of your family. So, what happens to them after you are gone? If you are suddenly incapacitated or pass away, do you have a plan for your beloved pet?

Like a guardian for your children, a pet guardian is someone who will take care of your pet after you are gone.

Many people have informal arrangements for their pets if they suddenly pass away, but this is something that can also be outlined in your will. Pets come with big responsibility, so it is best to establish a plan for your lovable pet now.

In Canada, pets are considered property so the same rules of guardianship of your children do not apply. The courts do not have any power to appoint your pet to a new guardian so if finding a loving home for your pet after you are gone is important to you, then you should name a pet guardian in your will.

If you are creating your will and have someone in mind to be your pet guardian, it is always best practice to discuss your wishes with this person before you pass away. Your chosen pet guardian can always decline the guardianship so it’s best to have their approval.

If your pet guardian approves of your decision, ensure you have written instructions for them that include feeding, temperament, daily routines, and your care plan for your pet.

Many people set aside a sum of money to be used for the pets’ care, food, veterinarian bills etc.  This can be done in the will and takes the financial burden off the person who has graciously agreed to care for your pet when you are gone.

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