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“I Hate This Apartment” – Buying A Home In The Durham Region

Diane and Rick have been living in their first apartmet, located in the Durham Region, for the last three years. In the midst of the concrete, the underground parking, and the long waits for the elevator, there are memories. But the noise from the neighbouring apartments and the smells in the hallways from all the dinners cooking has made them think about moving and buying their first home in the Durham Region.

Diane and Rick are even discussing starting a family. Their first home needs a backyard for the swing set, as well as fences for the children and the dog that they have been talking about. They need to be close to schools and daycare. Both had grown up in the suburbs and had all these things as part of their childhood.

The first thing they had to decide was where to buy a house. They had heard the salesman’s adage “location, location, location”, but what did it really mean? They had to consider where they worked, where their daycare providers would be and where the schools and churches are located. In all, it seemed like a lot of information was needed before they could even begin.

Next up was to decide what type of house they wanted. There were beautiful bungalows all on one floor with a huge basement. Then they found you could buy a much bigger house with 2 stories for the same money. What about a duplex with income to help carry the mortgage?

What about choosing a closing date when all of this would happen? They know nothing about giving notice to a landlord or how to finish their obligations on their rental apartment.

The fact is that they knew nothing. The good news is that they did know where to go to get help! Visit https://www.mcmurter.com/Real-Estate/Buyers.shtml for more information.

Watch for the blog post outlining your next step when purchasing your first home or contact McMurter & Associates at .

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