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I’ve Got A Computer, Why Do I Need A Durham Region Real Estate Agent?

Being the tech savvy person that you are, why would you hire someone to search the internet for a house for you? There are numerous reasons why having a real estate agent is one of the smartest things to do when buying a home.

1. Although it’s true that a Durham Region real estate agent will search for homes online, an agent does it much more efficiently than you have the resources to do. They often have access to listings BEFORE they are made available on popular sites like MLS. They are also able to tailor the online listings to your specific search criteria and save you endless hours of wading through listings that do not meet your needs.

2. A Durham Region real estate agent will look behind the listings. Seller’s and their agents will try their very best to make a house look wonderful online, but sometimes a well angled photo can hide a lot of negatives that may affect your decision to see the house.

3. Your agent will set up viewings with the seller or their agent for you. Having the agent schedule these appointments will be a huge time-saver for you, especially if you end up seeing multiple houses before finding one you love. Often sellers will arrange to be out of the house when there is a showing, but sellers may be hesitant to let anyone come into their home in their absence if they are not being accompanied by a professional agent.

4. After many viewings, you finally find a house you love! Now it’s time to make an offer, which is not something you want to do on your own. It is important that the contract is drafted by a professional with education and experience in real estate. Your agent knows the standard contract very well and will be able to explain it to you before an offer is made.

5. Once you sign an offer with your agent, your agent will present the offer to the seller or the seller’s agent. Should the offer be rejected or countered, your agent will consult with you and help you decide how to respond. It is in this process that your agent’s experience becomes an invaluable asset.

As a first time home buyer, you do not need to pay your real estate agent. Your time to pay will come if and when you decide to sell your home, but as first time buyers you are able to avoid the expense of having an agent while still getting the ample benefits.

Finding the house you love is only the first step. McMurter & Associates will walk you through the next stages of your real estate purchase to make sure you know what is expected of you and to ensure you get what you bargained for.

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