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What Is Probate?

In simple terms, probate is the process that ensures the wishes of the deceased are carried out exactly as they are recorded in the Will. It involves getting Court approval for the will to permit the Executors to legally deal with the assets of the deceased. Probate means a lot of paperwork, insurance companies, accountants, lawyers, and a lot of time. This is where McMurter & Associates can help.

McMurter & Associates can be your trusted partner throughout the probate process. Probate can be the most important, and the most complicated, part of the estate administration process.

Working with an estate lawyer will simplify the probate process for you while carrying out your loved one’s wishes. McMurter & Associates will be transparent with you throughout the entire process with clear communication and regular updates.

At all times, we will keep in touch with you. We work for you, and we know that you will have many questions that we can answer. We are here to help.


The fees for Probate depend on the type of assets held and the complexity of the court requirements. As always, McMurter & Associates will give you a complete fee estimate before commencing work on your file.

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Our lawyers help Executors and Beneficiaries in Ontario’s Durham Region and communities such as Whitby and Oshawa so their experience is informed and hassle-free. To meet with a member of our firm, send us an email or call us at 1-800-756-7138 or 289-278-0934 to schedule a consultation.

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Photo of Professionals At McMurter & Associates.

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